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BETWIN Poker, Casino, Sports Betting and Games. $100 BONUS! Europe's biggest offer. Entertainment, excitement and challenge with BETWIN

Guide for BETWIN Poker:

BETWIN Poker is part of the large OnGame Network and is currently one of the most popular online poker rooms. A visit to BETWIN Poker will take you through a sleek layout, fantastic software and lots of table action. Better still, sign up at BETWIN Poker today for a $500 first deposit bonus.

BETWIN Poker operates under licenses issued in Kahnawake (Canada), Germany, Italy, Gibraltar, Argentina, Mexico and Austria. BETWIN Poker offers players complete sports betting, online poker, skill games, soft games and casino gaming options. Additionally, BETWIN Poker offers audio and video streaming of top tier sporting events. All these options of BETWIN Poker are provided through digital distribution channels such as the internet and mobile phone. BETWIN Poker is hosted by the OnGame Network, one of the industry's leading online poker client networks. OnGame's servers are located in Kahnawake, Canada and headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria.

At the No Limit Texas Holdem tables BETWIN Poker the limits are spread to target all players, from beginners to advanced. Starting at the micro $0.05/$0.10, the limits progressively increase through $50/$100. The limit tables of BETWIN Poker begin at the comparatively higher limit level of $0.15/$0.30 and build all the way to the incredible $500/$1,000 level. Pot Limit Holdem of BETWIN Poker begins at the same level as the No Limit Texas Holdem tables, however the tables finish at $5/$10. The Stud and Omaha tables of BETWIN Poker focus on micro limit play and max out at $50/$100 and $25/$50 respectively. BETWIN Poker applies a rake that is capped at $3 and is generally measured as 5% of the pot. This cap can be as low as $1, depending on pot size, number of players involved and the limit level.

At BETWIN Poker there are just over 6,000 players seated at the tables. Player traffic of BETWIN Poker generally peaks close to 8,000 players in a given 24 hour period and as is generally the case across all the major online poker rooms, the players at BETWIN Poker tend to congregate at the No Limit Texas Holdem tables. Action can be found at the Stud, Omaha and Draw tables of BETWIN Poker.

A clean and well designed lobby at BETWIN Poker; courtesy of the OnGame network. Tabbed browsing makes game type, table and limit selection a breeze and the table/tournament description of BETWIN Pokeron the right hand side of the lobby is detailed and thorough and includes such statistics as players per flop, average pot size and hands played per hour. The lobby chat box of BETWIN Pokerallows players to talk amongst themselves when searching or waiting for a table.

As for the tables of BETWIN Poker themselves, running hand details are displayed below the community cards, meaning that players can keep up with their hand strength, quickly and easily. Hot keys and check boxes of BETWIN Poker further help speed up gameplay. The running totals of the pot sizes are welcome but sometimes a little hard to see. Games of BETWIN Poker move quickly and not hindered by lengthy animations. The instant play feature of BETWIN Poker allows play on any computer, be it Apple, Linux or Windows.

A comprehensive FAQ awaits players online at BETWIN Poker, complemented by phone and fax numbers. An online email contact form is also available at BETWIN Poker, should players encounter any problems that are not immediately resolved through the online FAQ. Customer service responses of BETWIN Poker are professional, concise and helpful.

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